November 20, 2018.

Warahraan Bandcamp page is launched: https://warahraan.bandcamp.com/


July 14, 2018.

" Living in a Far Dream (Short Mix) " on Horizons sound series compilation released by Lluevenalces Records.


October 13, 2017.

" Living in a Far Dream " is out through Spheredelic Netlabel & Soo.Su Netlabel .

" Living in a Far Dream is a combination of imaginary pads and middle-eastern voices and instruments. I’ve used one of the most influential Persian traditional instruments called " Ney "  in this track which is played by Amir Abbas Gholami and also the chantings of Ghaderieh sufis of Kurdistan. My effort was to create a transcendental and rapturous atmosphere with the help of traditional and mystical music of Iran. I hope this piece could touch your soul and make you feel the passion and ardor. "





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